Friday, May 7
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Lease to Own Program

Become one of our exclusive clients through our Lease to Own Program. 

Our lease to own program provides you with a roster of 100 horses imported from around the world. Through this program you can pick and choose the horse of your liking IN WELLINGTON, FL. Instead of paying a large upfront cost, European travel expenses for you and your horses and shipping costs,  you can purchase your horse through 10 MONTHLY PAYMENTS without all the hassle. Our program provides a safe option for purchasing your horse and even provides a return policy*.

If you wish to sell your horse, we will support you through our various channels of commercialization.

During the course of the 10 months, we will provide veterinary maintenance through our veterinary team, and help you train your horse for success!

Our team will be supporting your trainer with anything they need to maintain or improve your horse’s training level.